Zola smartwatch from Qualcomm promises to dazzle you; to be launched in September

Zola smartwatch from Qualcomm promises to dazzle you; to be launched in September. Qualcomm has generally stayed behind the scenes and got a piece of the action from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and others. But, it seems Qualcomm is gearing up to get in the market and one its first serious offering is not a phone but a smartwatch. Qualcomm has decided to do things differently rather than ape everyone who could and has made a smartphone. It makes sense; jump into the smartwatch market is safer than going for the smartphone market. The smartwatch market is at a nascent, developing stage but going simply by the figures, it is picking up pretty fast. The smartphone market requires a huge investment and there is no promise of payback unless you are as big as Samsung or Apple – which would again, require Qualcomm to place all its eggs in one basket. So, putting in efforts in launching the Zola smartwatch is definitely a smart investment.


Qualcomm knows that time is money when it comes to the dynamic smart devices market and has set eyes on a September launch for Zola. The Zola will come with entry-level chips and a Mirasol display – also known as the Inferometric modulator display which offers a huge range of readability in almost any kind of light, while consuming less power than any other display.

Qualcomm has designed every component in collaboration with Mirasol which might help its expense account. Everyone in the smartphone industry is gearing up to launch a smartwatch. Not just Qualcomm but Sony, Samsung, LG and Apple as well are working on one and you might see this market heating up by the end of this year.

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